How To Remove Bottle or Jar Labels

How To Remove Bottle or Jar Labels using baking soda and popsicle sticks.” You can use the jar for a pretty vase for flowers or use around the house for organization or to recycle them.

These bottles and jars can be recycled and used as containers for your home organization plans. You just need to clean them and remove the labels.



How To Remove Bottle or Jar Labels

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These jar labels are quite tough to remove unless you have the right formula. This tutorial will teach you how to prepare a formula that makes labels very easy to remove, and leaves you with a fresh, clean bottle or jar.

So, if you are into home organization and are looking for good containers to use, follow the instructions below.



To start, gather all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • a bottle or jar with a label
  • a deep bowl of any kind
  • 2 to 3 cups of warm water (this depends on how deep your bowl is)
  • a box of pure baking soda
  • a popsicle stick or any other mixing device
  • a clean towel


Step 1: Pour the warm water into the deep bowl.

Step 2: Pour 3 to 5 teaspoonful of pure baking soda into the deep bowl. You can also make some approximations here. Just make sure that the mixture is somewhat concentrated.

Step 3: Homogenize the mixture thoroughly using the popsicle stick or mixing device.

Step 4: Place your jar or bottle with the label in the warm water mixture.

Step 5: Add some more warm water to the bowl deep bowl to submerge the bottle or jar. You can fill the deep bowl until the water reaches the upper marker. The deeper your bottle or jar is submerged the faster, the faster the label removal process will be.

Step 6: Rotate the bottle or jar from time to time. This will allow you to remove the bottle or jar label evenly.

Step 7: Submerge the bottle or the jar in the warm water mixture for about 2 to 3 hours, making sure you continue to rotate it.

Step 8: Carefully peel off the label of the jar or the bottle. This will be a lot easier now since the bond of the paste which attaches the label to the bottle or jar will now be broken.

Step 9: Continue submerging the jar or the bottle if you have stubborn parts.

Step 10: Once the label is fully removed, remove the jar or the bottle from the mixture and wash it with a running tap water. This will clean the both the insides and the external wall of the bottle or jar.

Step 11: Wipe dry the bottle or the jar using a clean towel.

Step 12: Fill the clean bottle or jar with the items that you intend to store.

Step 13: Close the cap of the bottle or jar tightly. You now have a clean bottle or jar that is perfect for your home organization needs.


You can also put some tags on the cap to avoid confusion, especially if you are planning to use these bottles or jars to store kitchen powders like cornstarch, flour or sugar which all look the same when seen from afar.

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